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No Traffic = No Sales !

Whether you use Traffic Hoopla as a reference to top ranked advertising resources, and/or, as a traffic builder, it has proven to be a most productive resource.

When I got my start, like many, I stumbled around and chase after a lot of junk. Then I got my act together, settled on the importance and value of traffic building, and made it my mission.

For me, settled on traffic building, I focused 100% on it, and doing so, I achieved 10K ongoing daily traffic in one year. I then wanted more, and achieved 20K within two years. And this was prior to Traffic Hoopla.

I understand and appreciate the fact that many here do enter with existing affiliate programs. My best advice, unless it is already a proven winner for you, do as I did, focus on traffic building. Unless you have deep pockets to buy large amounts of traffic, or you build large amounts of ongoing daily traffic, there is no chance for success

If you have an existing business, or a proven affiliate program, I suggest giving at least 65% focus on traffic building. In my experience and observation, such a strong focus to traffic building leads to long term success.

What are we really talking about when doing traffic building? Advertising! A big company enters the online arena, they buy and buy and buy advertising. If they stop, or do less, most often there is a decline. Keep it going, do it well and with consistence, most often there is an increase.

For people like us, no big company, without deep pockets, online, we have the option to plants seeds and build traffic.

During my two years of traffic building, I averaged 3 hours in the early morning, and then another few hours in the late afternoon or evening. I have big family, coach soccer, volunteer at soccer club, offline business, juggle many things. But early on I determine to figure this out, make it work for me, do traffic building, achieve online business success. Therefore, I worked hard, put a lot of hours, often more on the weekends, and did so with consistency and diligence. Knowing your purpose, being organized, and a daily routine are so important.

One thing that might help you is multi-tab surfing the exchanges. This perfectly acceptable, surfing 5 to 10 or more exchanges at more time. The following Hoopla Browser article may help you.

Imagine This:

  • Waking up each day to 10K to more than 20K, ongoing daily traffic.
  • Large amounts of ongoing daily traffic ready to be assigned to any site.
  • Your online business running, growing, and thriving.
  • It’s F-R-E-E

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