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Profits25 – Reputable Revenue Sharing

Profits25 is a reputable online advertising agency that shares its profits equitably with all registered members. To start using this service, one should first buy ad coupons at a standard fee of 25 Euros in the module for Shared Revenues. Subscribers can acquire up to 600 promo coupons in the program, with a basic minimum of 2 or 50 Euros. The Profits25 networks pays its users every Friday morning between 9.00 am and 12.00 noon CET.


Each advertisement coupon attracts an interest rate of 40%. For interested parties to qualify for this payout system, they should first click on the posted banners of Profits25 affiliates. The total amount of clicks required depends on how many coupons an individual has.

For up to 30 Profits25 ad coupons the equivalent value is 10 clicks:

-From 31-100 promo coupons 20 clicks
-More than 100 promo coupons 30 clicks

These Profits25 banners can easily be found on the site resources that a subscriber used when registering. Nevertheless, since these clicks translate to money for the parent company, those who manage to drive more traffic to their sites and develop actual sales through referrals would ultimately get more Profits25 revenue than the participants who only rely on clicking the online placards.

Profits25 – Registration

In order to register, just visit the site of the person who’s sponsoring the Profits25 banner you’ve seen online and fill out the application form. Remember to use your real names when registering so as to qualify for withdrawal of winnings. This also applies to the sponsor’s identity which should be written as it is on their official account, you should be keen when adding this Profits25 information since a mistake cannot be reversed.

Profits25 – How to buy advertising coupons

After completing the Profits25 registration process, scroll down to the purchase page that shows available coupons and from here you can now choose your preferred payment method. The procedure can be done at any time that one finds convenient, it doesn’t matter if it’s during the day or nighttime. This is because the Profits25 site is available 24/7.

Users have a variety of Profits25 payment options to choose from including Visa/MasterCard credit card, bank transfer, Perfect Money and SolidTrustPay. To know the costs that apply for each of these Profits25 methods, go to the page written ‘buy coupons advertising’ then choose the desired payment method. You’ll see all the relevant charges appearing against each specific payment option. To receive Profits25 official bank details just visit their site and select the part written ‘bank transfer.’ Profits25 will send this information to you via email for security reasons.

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