Preservation of Wealth – The Truth about Fiat

Making money feels good. You cannot get enough of it. You just want to make more and more of it. This is because making money makes you wealthy. However, wealth does not last forever. It will disappear in an instant if you do not take concrete steps to preserve it (Preservation of Wealth). The question is how you can preserve it. Well, the answer is simple. You cannot preserve it as paper money, keep in a savings account, let the IRA handle it or store it in any other financial scheme based on fiat currency.

Preservation of Wealth
Fiat currency refers to the kind of money we use today i.e. money in paper, coin and electronic form. Essentially, this money has no value. People only use it because they believe that it has value. You should ask yourself what would happen when people stop believing in it. This is a valid question because it has happened before. In fact, the currencies of some countries are
completely unacceptable to other countries.

Here is what would happen. Your wealth will disappear right before your eyes. Everything that you have ever worked for will come to nought. You will have to start from scratch. Unfortunately, it may be harder for you to start from the ground up because the market conditions at the time would have drastically changed. So how can you preserve your wealth in today’s volatile economy?

Preservation of Wealth in Today’s World

The only way of preserving your wealth in today’s world is by investing in gold. Those who understand the world economy are already doing it. You should examine the facts and realize that the world is heading for a major shift in how we preserve wealth. It would be better for you to be ahead of the pack during this shift than for you to be behind it.

We live in an economic system that keeps people in the dark about how things really work. In reality, ninety-eight percent of the global population works for the remaining two percent of the global population. Open your eyes. It is time for you to join the two percent. Here are some facts to that can enlighten you on what is really happening.

Mexican billionaire Hugo Salinas Price recently said, “what is going to be left after the dust settles (total currency collapse) is Gold. Some people will have it, some wont…”

Preservation of Wealth – Facts about the World Economic System

Firstly, people from all over the world are stocking up on gold. These people no longer trust or believe in the world banking system. In other words, they have realized that fiat currency has no actual value. Secondly, paper money is losing its value every day. This is a global phenomenon. What happens when this value reaches rock bottom. What will you do then?

Thirdly, paper money has not always there. Only recently did the authorities in power create it. Preservation of wealth has always been through gold since time immemorial. Finally yet importantly, you can actually exchange your paper money for gold without passing through brokers or bankers, so why not do it.

How Should Preservation of Wealth work in Today’s Economic Climate?

Preservation of wealth is easy when you go through established institutions such as and These institutions offer you a business opportunity and a chance to preserve your wealth in the most secure way possible. You should seriously consider exchanging your fiat currency for gold on these two online platforms. You can do this on a weekly or monthly basis. Preservation of wealth has never been faster, easier and more secure.

Bear in mind that both Russia and China are both acquiring gold in vast amounts. You need to ask yourself why they are doing this. Better yet, you need to join them. Go to our Emgoldex or Karatbars pages now and secure your future.


Why is China buying all the gold in the world?Why is Russia doing the same? Do they have a foresight that most people don’t have? Do they know something about Preservation of Wealth that most people do not know?

What’s going to happen to your CD’s, IRA, Money Market, 401k, Savings & Checking Accounts, etc when the world currency of Paper Money is devalued by 40%, 60%, 70% or 80%??

This is What Can Happen To Your Money In bank if you don’t take measures to preserve your money.

Preservation Of Wealth – Here Are Some Facts:

FACT – Thousands of people worldwide are taking the following action(s):

De-couple money from the Banking System and paltry interest rates Couple to Gold and Gold Prices WHY?

FACT – Paper money and everything purchased with and kept in paper money (or it’s digital equivalent) is losing purchasing power, and value, at a record pace.

FACT – Paper money was created as a Gold Substitute.

FACT – There is a way to exchange Gold Substitute (Paper Money) for Gold (Real Money) without a Bank or Broker.

Why would you want a money substitute when you can have real GOLD MONEY? Get the facts and take action while you can.

Preservation Of Wealth-Are You Ready?

If you don’t take action, it will take you by surprise. Do not let the government deceive you. If you watch the news you will clearly understand that , those who are still depending on their fiat paper money will wake up one with nothing to show for.

Don’t fall a victim to the bad spending habit of the government of this world who only cares about power.

Protect your family and the hard earned money you have worked for all your life through preservation of wealth .

Exchange your paper money for gold and you will preserve your wealth and also be part of the 2% of the population who will enjoy this transfer of wealth.

Here are your opportunities to join the wise and smart in the Preservation Of Wealth through acquisition of gold:

  • Preservation of Wealth
  • Preservation of Wealth


=- End Preservation of Wealth. =-

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