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Onecoin Revolution

OneCoin Revolution

If generating income and creating wealth are important to you, you will LOVE what you see here!


Since the company launched eight months ago, OVER 300 members have MAXED OUT the compensation plan – we do not know of that happening in ANY other home based business marketing program!

OneCoin’s comp plan is a binary which means you will build to sales teams that will compete against each other. Modern binaries are widely recognized as the fastest growing and highest paying comp plans in the industry, particularly when paired with a KILLER Matching Bonus as offered by OneCoin.

Here are the ways that OneCoin pays:

  1. Direct Sales – Earn 10% commission on any package that you sell. Tycoons earn an extra 10% on Direct Sales – effectively doubling their income on all sales.
  2. Network Bonus – Earn 10% of sales from the leg with the least volume.
  3. Matching Bonus – Earn up to a 25% bonus on sales of your personally sponsored members. Members maxing out the comp plan in OneCoin are getting as much as 50% of their checks from this bonus.
  4. Start Up Bonus – For your first 30 days, earn an extra 10% (for a total of 20%) on all Direct Sales in excess of 5500 BV (Business Volume).
  5. Gold – EVERYONE who signs up gets a bonus of Aurum gold coins – even the FREE Starter package includes five 1 gram Aurum gold coins, and it goes up from there! On the high end, the Tycoon package includes a bonus of 2500 Aurum gold coins (2500 grams)!
  6. OneLife Club – Accumulate points that you can redeem for lifestyle rewards (flights, phones, technology, hotels, etc.)
  7. OnePayments Card – card that eventually will be tied to Mastercard that gives members the ability to make purchases using OneCoin and Aurum gold coin.
  8. Leadership Program – compensates leaders who help everyone in the field.

No matter what you do for a living or what other business you’re in, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you understand the power of this compensation plan.

If generating income and creating wealth are important to you, you will LOVE what you see here!

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