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MyAdvertisingPays – What’s it all about ?

MyAdvertisingPays is a fairly new website that launched a few months ago, but it’s already grown to a pretty impressive 40,000 members and they’ve got a 99% retention rate. There’s people everywhere talking about it, but is it really a profitable site or is it simply another online scam? We’ll answer that question throughout this article.
As I detail the site in this review we’ll take a look at the breakdown of everything you’ll need to know about MyAdvertisingPays before you dive in and join.

MyAdvertisingPays Review

MyAdvertisingPays – What’s The Site Offering?

If you’re looking for a way to make money online then you’ll have to be able to drive traffic – it’s a core principle of online money making. MAPS allows you to do just that – you’re able to drive traffic with ease and you’ll be paid to do it.
You’re able to purchase credit pack for use with MyAdvertisingPays to drive traffic wherever you want it to go, it doesn’t matter whether it’s to an Empower Network business, an affiliate link or anywhere! That’s one of the strongest aspects of the product, you’re given a lot of flexibility.
It’ll cost $49.99 per credit pack and you’ll be given impressions in the hundreds – that’s a significant number of people seeing your business opportunity. They’re actually an investment because every credit pack you’ve purchased will pay you back 1.5-2% every day. That means that after 60 days your $49.99 spend on a pack will become valued at about sixty dollars, that’s a substantial profit of $10 from a single pack.
No we’ll take a look at the breakdown:

  • First, you’ll invest in a $49.99 credit pack.
  • Then, you’ll click 10 adverts per day.
  • The third step is to send free traffic toward your business.
  • The fourth is to enjoy your residual commissions and get paid!

MyAdvertisingPays – Who’s The Creator?

Mike Deese is the creator of MAPS, he’s an American Air Force veteran who’s created and evolved the whole system throughout the your.
He says that his system is formulated to benefit the members, which so far has remained true and it’s really refreshing to see an honest person in the online money making industry. It’s not all too common anymore!

MyAdvertisingPays – There’s Other Ways To Earn

Affiliate commissions are another great way to profit from packs. When you buy a pack it’s possible to send traffic directly to your website, affiliate or business link. That means that you’re receiving more commissions from the traffic that pays you from a couple of different sources.
Referral commissions are another good way to make money with MyAdvertisingPays. Every person you refer to the site will result in you acquiring a 10% commission on every credit pack they purchase throughout the entire life of their account. So, MAPS offers plenty of opportunities for money making.
All in all, MyAdvertisingPays is a fantastic opportunity to be dropped straight in to the world of online money making, they’ve got over 40,000 free memberships, a simple, 3 step guaranteed formula and a whopping 99% retention rate. MyAdvertisingPays is especially useful for those of you that want to take full control over your ability to drive traffic and leads to a business. If you’re interested, feel free to go and check them out NOW:

MyAdvertisingPays Review

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