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My name is Mark Sell. I’m an Entrepreneur and IT-Specialist and I would like to welcome you on my blog.

I live in Germany with my wife and my two children. We have a beautiful house on the countrysite, far away from the daily traffic jams and we are now enjoying our life and the working from the comfort of our home.

The worse the economy gets the more people are digging deep to find their inner Entrepreneur begging to be released. History shows that every time there is an economic crisis it is the Entrepreneurs that make the most money and it is the Entrepreneurs that run the country around. This is when success stories are born! The only way to truly protect you and your family is to become self-sufficient. No more boss, no more insecure paycheck.

What I am talking about is true freedom… The problem most people face is that they don’t know where to turn. Who do you trust? This is where most people get it wrong thus literally preventing themselves from ever earning substantial revenues.

I know this first-hand, and all too well. I wasted 2 full years going after getting-in-on-groundfloor opportunities or offering speculative products that had “huge potential”.

I almost shudder when I even hear the word “potential” these days.

No, these days it’s all about proof and simplicity.

Instead of looking for untapped opportunities, look for established companies and already-effective sales processes.

I now could try to convince you how great my “Proven Money Maker” are and that there are no better companies to be in this bad times. I could show you a lot of testimonials and I could brag how much money I have earned already, but I think, that it’s a crucial part of being an Entrepreneur to do your own due dilligence on this companies.

I do not expect you stop shopping around for ideas while you do your research. In fact, I am counting on it. Hopefully you will waste some money on a couple of ridiculous options out there and then when you remember my “Proven Money Maker” again the companies will look even better!

So put on some coffee (or tea, or a frappamachaluccachino or whatever it is you drink), grab a seat and read about the products, that we sell and then take the tour to get a clear picture, what we are all about.

See you on the other side of crisis!