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Thank you for your overwhelming response to my update last night introducing KaratBars as the program that I want to personally call home and build into a really solid and stable Online Business.

This shows clearly that the vast majority of you guys are looking for the same thing that I am looking for and together we will achieve our goal and desire.

I want all of you guys to know that I have not been able to reply to most of you today as I have been out but expect me to contact each of you personally over the course of tonight into tomorrow.

If you have not heard from me as yet, please don’t worry as you will. NOTHING has started as yet as I will not be starting to add people into this team until probably Thursday.

I want to let those of you who are with me in Bonofa and IML know that I will be contacting you guys personally as well to discuss those programs so while I want this as my primary program, we all still have a vested interest in those other two programs.

With that said, all of those who are reading this who have either not taken the time to explore this opportunity or have not taken it seriously, please read below and tell me if this does not represent
the best chance you have of creating a solid and MEANINGFUL online business.

I want this for myself and for all of you guys but you need to take action and be prepared to actually put in some time, effort and money into what you believe in.

Those who can do this are the ones I am after but those who don’t get this after all this time, I can only hope that someday you do understand how the online money making industry works and what
is required to be successful.

So again guys…. What more do you want that what this program offers ??

  • Legit and PROVEN Company that has been around for 3 years and is devoid of any issues what so ever…..regulatory or otherwise.
  • The product is GOLD….Literally.
    What more can you ask for than to convert your soon to be useless paper m0ney into the highest quality GOLD you can possess AND have a compensation plan that pays you in up to 7 different ways both weekly
    and monthly like clockwork ??
  • A 12 WEEK ACTION PLAN…This is key as people get confused very easily and by providing a SIMPLE SYSTEM that involves just 3 steps for people to follow and by showing them what earnings are possible in 12 weeks if they simply follow those 3 steps, this creates something very powerful indeed.
  • A COMPLETE MARKETING SYSTEM/SALES FUNNEL for each and every one of you free of charge to use as/when you like to create as many leads as you want and have the system effectively close these leads for you without you doing anything else but MAKING THE EFFORT to drive traffic to your sales funnel.
  • A TEAM MEMBERS ONLY TRAINING SITE….Many people do not feel confident promoting any opportunity to anyone as they simply do not know HOW. What if you were shown how to do this in a simple and easy step by step way??
    Do you think that someone who is really interested in building a REAL online business for themselves will benefit from this and more importantly, be of benefit to their entire team ??
  • ADVERTISING RESOURCES…Some people might know how to promote to others but they may not necessarily know WHERE to promote and if you are shown where to promote in a simple and easy step by step manner so that every person can actually go out daily and realistically get some promotion done, do you think this will help that person and their entire team for that matter??
  • My full support, the support of my uplines, Skype rooms and company support which is excellent by the way.

It’s time for you to really understand what time it is.

All who are still in INTERNET DREAMWORLD where stable money can be made from HYIP’s and Ponzi scheme’s and you wish to stay in that sort of environment and think that someday you will make it…..then GOOD LUCK WITH THAT !!!

All of you who are REALLY LOOKING….hear me…REALLY LOOKING ( as in prepared to actually commit and do some darn work online ) then this is for you but you still need to make sure you are ready for this

Karatbars: Here is what I need from you:

  • Your commitment for the next 12 week ( or even longer ) to KB and to me.
  • You TAKING ACTION and joining KB when advised to do so with the package that you think best suits you.
  • You using all the tools and resources that you WILL HAVE available to you to simply get a mere 2 personal referrals and advising them and even helping them to themselves utilize the team’s resources and doing the same.
  • Your commitment to CONVERTING ( not that you are not spending any M0ney here ) $65 of paper money EVERY SINGLE WEEK into 1 gram of GOLD

Karatbars – NOTE:

Simply do the above and you will not only achieve the ability to be earning FREE GOLD within 4-5 week for the life of this program ( OMG THAT IS HUGE ) BUT you will create for yourself and all your uplines and your downlines a CONTINUOUS AND EVER INCREASING STREAM OF PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME.

Can’t we all come together and do this for each other????

There are live webinars held twice daily at 12 noon and 9pm EST.

I would appreciate it very much if ALL of you can find yourselves on those webinars at least once or twice in order that you may COMPLETELY understand what this opportunity is all about.

Here are the webinar details:

Time: 12 NOON + 9:00 PM EST
Internet: karatbarswebinar.com/
By Phone: 213-416-1560 | Attendee Access Code:542 635 231

Here is the info that I put together to cover the KaratBars Opportunity in case you missed it last time or didn’t take the time to read it then.

More Informations

Whatever you decide, my only wish is that you find something that you are comfortable with that makes you the sort of m0ney that you desire and deserve.


If you haven’t already done so but would like to join us in this opportunity, then you need to reply to this email and provide me with the following information:







Like I said, I will begin most likely on Thursday and many people will love to have the opportunity to be in at the start with a team like we are about to create…You have the option now…WHAT’S YOUR DECISION about Karatbars?


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