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This is an unexpected update but when something comes along that I deem of interest I relay to you guys for your consideration.

I am going to get straight to the point to keep this as short as possible.

How would you like to finally be able to say that you can earn money completely passively from an online opportunity and know without a doubt that the program is 100% real AND 100% legitimate ?

This is what you get with Infinii

Infinii - Review

If you are already involved in Infinii then no need to continue reading but if you are not, you really want to drop what you are doing and have a read of what I am about to say.

For the longest while I have been looking for an opportunity that offers the following and I have tried and failed with quite a few opportunities but this one offers all that I am looking for, so while I was not planning on joining anything new, I feel the need to get involved in this program.

Infinii – Legitimate Opportunity

Far too often we get involved with opportunities only to later find out all was not as it seemed or the program changed the rules or some other shady/underhanded act that was out of our control.

Infinii is run by DSD that has proven above all that they are credible and honest and they are here to stay, so no issue with legitimacy or longevity.

Infinii – Passive Element

It´s just a fact that most people cannot/will not recruit so they need a program with a passive element.
The problem I had with DSD before was there was no passive element and many people I knew would not take the time to learn what it took to be successful with selling on Ebay or Amazon.

With Infinii, they have now made it possible for every single person to actually just buy a share in one of the many products that the company will sell on Amazon themselves and you earn from the profits made, without having to lift a finger or know anything about Amazon or selling anything….And we are talking about profits anywhere from 250% – 600% and you can do this over and over.
This has now changed the game completely as now anyone can do this and make money without recruiting anyone.

Infinii – The program must not be a ponzi

In most of the programs we usually join, it is always questionable as to where the money is actually coming from to pay us and in most cases it ends up being that new money was used to pay out existing members and the programs eventually shut or was shut down.

This is probably the biggest reason I want to get involved in this opportunity as I want to build something for many years to come and this is as solid and legit as them come. All the money is accounted for and we know clearly where the money comes to pay everyone.

Infinii – Structured in a way that recruiters earn big while all downline also earn nicely

Most times people try to earn OFF of other people and some make money while others lose money. This is not how I roll and those who know me know that I have been seeking something that i could build big WHILE every single person in the downline also earns and to me I have found it.

In Infinii the comp plan is huge for those who want to build the opportunity and the big difference here is that while people can stay totally passive if they want to and still earn nicely, those who do choose to DO MORE do so not necessarily from the point of view of having to constantly recruit new members but if you take time to review this you will see that it´s all about teamwork and working with each other that is going to make this work, so it is definitely my sort of program.

Infinii – Affordable and appealing to the masses

Many passive programs are priced outside the reach of most people and programs that are ‘cheap’ require you to recruit half the world to earn any significant money.

In Infinii you can pretty much get started with a $50 membership and ease your way into things by buying into one or two of the cheaper product co-ops ( called Springboards ) and as you start to earn and as you feel more comfortable with the program, you could increase as you see fit.

Infinii – Conclusion

In conclusion, until now, there has not been a program that has interested me as much as Infinii because it´s a program where any and everyone can get involved for less than $100 and start earning right away while they decide if they want to get more involved in the affiliate side or not.
You can take things at your own pace and build your way up to bigger membership levels as well as more and more springboard co-ops which means more and more passive income.
Infinii is backed by over 100K DSD members and a solid and honest ownership that have really impressed me over the years.
Their business plan for Infinii is sound and very thorough and it will succeed in my view.

I never got involved in DSD as the truth is that it was ( and still is ) difficult for International members ( people outside the US ) to really participate but if you take the time to explore Infinii ( like I finally did today ) you will see that this changes everything and now even Internationals can get involved and also those who just want to be passive can finally earn substantially from a legitimate program.

I can´t cover everything in this update as it is just meant to be an introduction, but do take the time to review the webinar conducted a few hours ago:

I have joined up with this group that comprise of 5 of the bigger players in DSD /Infinii as I plan to build this big and help everyone who are interested and who take this seriously to do the same, so support is key to me.

These guys will have regular recruitment webinars as well as a FB and skype room and lots of other incentives that will distinguish our group from others and give us a competitive edge when sharing this with others.

What I am looking for right now.

Ultimately I expect to recruit hundreds into Infinii plus help all who are interested to try to do the same but to start off I am looking for all those who are really serious about giving this a go.
Don´t just take my word for it but rather read and listen to everything about Infinii and then decide if you want to be a part of this.
If you want to be totally passive then that´s fine as you guys will make money without having to worry about anything related to the comp plan but for those who want to do more and want to build a business around this then I need to hear from you right away as I am starting to formulate my downline and of course this has a binary in it so positioning for such people is important.

We can iron out all the details soon but for now I want to hear from all who are interested in joining Infinii with me.

Send me an email to twcoach4wealth @ with the heading I WANT IN INFINii and ask anything you want to ask while you are at it.

For now just know that you join at whatever membership you want to join at ( there are 3 levels and each level has it´s own benefits….more chances to buy into the springboard co-ops and also higher ROI ), review the various SPRINGBOARDS available at that level, buy whatever seats you are allowed to buy and then wait for your returns to come in after the products are sold.

For those taking it a step further and looking to really build this into a business apart from the passive element, then we will talk more soon as this is going to be a huge opportunity and if you took the time to review the comp plan you will see exactly what I mean.

Thanks for your time and looking forward to having you on my team.

If all goes well I hope to be building this for many years to come.

Hey … Let me know what you think about this Infinii Review. I’d love to hear about it!

Mark Ben

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