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Please read below for the company update so you would understand how this is going to be rolled out.

I am going to use the time wisely to start looking at what sort of marketing system I can create for everyone as this one is going to be huge and here for a very long time so it is worth having a good recruiting system for those wanting to build this opportunity.

I will get back to you on what will be available exclusively to members of this downline soon.

Hey Fellower DSDers!

We wanted to update you on the exciting new things
that are rolling out in the next few weeks!

As you may already know that Phase one started 50
hours ago when we opened the gates to our Infinii

We were expecting about 1000 members in about a week.
But our expectations were BLOWN away…
We hit 1000 new members in 4 hours!

We had to put on the brakes because we wanted to pressure test the system once again to ensure that everything is going to run smoothly.
Now that phase one has ended, we are going to break
down the different phases below.

Phase 1:
INFINii technical team completes 2nd series
of pressure tests and standard checks.
Get 1000 new users into the INFINii ecosystem.

Phase 2:
We open the gates to INFINii once again on Tuesday
November 17th at 12 am CST with the goal of getting
7000 new users to the INFINii ecosystem between the
17th and the 23rd of November.

Phase 3:
This begins on the 24th and runs to the end of the month.
More to come on this soon 🙂
Once December 1st comes along, the invitation only system
ends and you can share INFINii to the entire world with
your referral link!

I know, these are VERY exciting times.
There has been a tremendous amount of BUZZ with INFINii and there is a major reason why…

It’s the simplest, most POWERFUL platform ever created where average people can jump in and start making a REAL income for themselves.

We appreciate all of you being with us at the beginning!
Know that this will be a legacy company, we are not settling
for anything less.
Your INFINii Team,


The site is still down but an official update is supposed to be sent out tonight so we will know what is going on and when to expect resumption…Hang in there guys !!


BREAKING NEWS and Exclusive Interview CEO Hitesh Juneja INFINii




For the people looking to be more active and share this opportunity with others, please see the video below below to better understand the compensation plan




Hello All,

Firstly I would like to say sorry for not being able to answer every email personally like I normally like to do but there are just too many emails to respond to so I decided to update everyone from here.

While we wait on the site our time is best spent getting prepared and even though most seem to understand what is involved with Infinii, I thought I would take the time to explain things a bit more in detail.

Today I want to touch on THREE things which should then give you a clear direction heading into Infinii

1) Can this program actually work and make me money?
2) What subscription level should I start with?
3) More information about the workings of the Springboards
4) How much can I actually earn?

1) Can this program actually work and make me money?

The thing is, it´s not even a question of if this can work as it HAS BEEN WORKING for many people for many years now.
This is a proven business model and the only thing that we are considering differently here is that rather than do it all yourself (which you can do if you like as well as many are very successful at it ), the option we now have is basically to let the experts do it for us while we simply buy into the products we want them to sell for us on Amazon.
The company has people who definitely know what they are doing to take care of every aspect of this process ( from sourcing of products, negotiation of best price with manufactures to listing the product on Amazon and getting it in front of the right buyers to be able to move the product sales along quickly ) and all we do is leverage this great concept and simply buy into as many of these products as we want ( or our Subscription will allow ).
The sky is the limit basically because your earning potential is in your control (depending on how many and what level of products you choose to buy into ) while the profits derived from the sales are LEGITIMATE.

No more having to worry about shady owners or masked ponzi schemes as this has an will continue to make money legitimately for all involved.

The variable here is not if it can be done but if you will take the action needed to allow yourself to benefit from this opportunity.

2) What subscription level should I start with?

This is the point I think you need to pay particular attention to as I got a bit more insight into the Subscriptions and how everything is expected to work and pretty much for the people who plan to be more passive, you need to consider that like everything else in life, there are different classes/categories and usually the more expensive categories usually yields bigger and better incentives.

Infinii is no different so the higher your subscription, the more products you can buy into , the greater the ROI on each product seat, the better the quality of product so the faster it sells and the bigger the seat price so the more overall profit you can make on a monthly basis.

If we look at the example below you will see what I mean
The Prime subscription will probably only have :
>>> $10 – $25 seats at each of the springboard co-ops
>>> Will only allow you to get into 5 springboards at a time.
>>> Will have products that yield up to 250% ROI

The Surge subscription will probably only have :
>>> Higher seat prices maybe variable up to $100 seats at each of the springboard co-ops
>>> Will allow you to get into 10 springboards at a time
>>> Will have products that yield a higher ROI, maybe up to to 450%

The Elite subscription will probably only have :
>>> $100+ seats at each of the springboard co-ops
>>> Will allow you to get into 20 springboards at a time
>>> Will have products that yield up to 600% ROI

Above are just my estimations and views that I am sharing with you as rough estimates as I am just going by what I have been told and what I see in the presentations.
We will of course know specifics very soon once the site is back.

Infinii - Review

From above it should be clear to see then that like everything else, the higher the subscription, the better the benefits so your choice of subscription will have to be based on your budget and how much you really want to push this and earn.

I strongly suggest the SURGE LEVEL as that is where I am starting with ( or I may start at Elite ) and I think you cannot go wrong with the Surge level as a starting point but again, you will know what is best for you.

Those who just don´t have a big budget will have to start at the lowest level while those who really see the potential here and want to maximize their earning potential primarily from a passive aspect will see the benefit of Elite.

There are other benefits of course to each subscription and various training and other things but my discussion above was focused just on the springboards.

3) More information about the workings of the Springboards

This was what was shared with me today, please read below

Payout is bi-weekly…. The more expensive co-ops have quicker selling “High Demand” products in the marketplace.

You need to look 90 to 180 days out… The big picture here is to be involved in multiple co-ops continuously, so they’ll be constantly getting bi-weekly checks.

For example:

if you buy 10 seats at $100
So you are in at $1000
and profit from this is $5K
expect to be paid that $5K partially every 2 weeks for 3-6 months.

The key is once a springboard becomes break even you get more seats to buy so key is keep buying and diversify.

So from above I think this answers some of the questions you guys had about how long and how it will work etc.
Just know that you cannot come with a HYIP mentality here as these are real products being sold and the profits are real and derived from the sale of these products which will sell at variable rates so there are too many variable to say exactly what you can/will earn weekly .
From above you can start to do some math and figure out what is best for you as now you must gauge your subscription level as well as the amount of money you plan to put towards the buying of the product vs the time frame and method of payments of profit to know how to work this so that you cover your monthly subscription and make decent profit.
THIS IS A BUSINESS and you have to treat it and approach it as such.

4) How much can I actually earn?

This again is variable as if you become active and share this with people your earnings can skyrocket but if you do it passively and review what I wrote above and approach this like a business, then even passively you can turn a nice consistent profit.

Some may not fully understand the comp plan so I will have a video up here in about 2 hours specifically talking just about the comp plan so people know the options available to them if they chose to be active and share this with others.

For those who want to be passive, once you get in and see the products, just take a methodical approach to this and know that it takes money to make money but it can be done and done well if you take action and structure things properly.

That´s it for now guys, I hope you are all excited about getting started and as soon as the site is back we will start to registration process so just wait until it´s your time to get an invitation code.

Infinii – Signup Process

Firstly, from now until December 1st all entry to Infinii will be done via a Private Invite link.
When someone joins, they get 6 invite links to give out to people who are ready to join right away ( and you need to be ready with Credit Card in hand literally ) otherwise it will become a nightmare having to wait on people as it is only after the initial 6 invites are used up ( people join and pay from those invites ) that an additional 6 invites are sent out.

I am still waiting on my link because I am told there is some keep back as someone upline has not signed as yet which is keeping back everything but be patient as we will all get in soon enough.

Also I would like to mention that those who just plan to be passives, none of this rush applies to you because your earnings will not be dependent on your place in the binary nor will you have any additional benefit from being well positioned in the binary anyway so give those who want to build this the chance to get in first as positioning is more important to them.

As soon as I get my invite from upline I will sign up and I will better be able to advise everyone what to do but bear in mind that this will be a slower process as we have to do it six at a time so your reply that I will ask you for below will help me A LOT in structuring things so that we run as smoothly as possible.

After December 1st we will all have actual active referral links so then signing up anyone after that would be easy.



If your intention is simply to put some money into something legitimate without wanting to ever have to recruit anyone then I guess you would fall into this category.
While I want to keep this update short, it is better that I make sure that all of you understand how this works by the use of an example.


The passive element of the program revolves around what is called SPRINGBOARDS which basically means a co-op has been formed for each individual product so that the company leverages our money to be able to forge deals and buy these products at ‘best price’ for us to be able to sell at maximum profit while we leverage their sills and experience in the Drop Shipping arena to basically do everything from buying the product to selling it on Amazon and we just collect a profit.
The springboards do not just revolve around any and every product as well as they have researched and know clearly which products always are hot sellers these are the sort of products that they use with the springboards.

So let´s say the company identifies a product of interest and they go to the supplier or manufacturer and are told that to get the product for $10 they must buy 1000 pcs…so this is a total of $10K.
And they know from experience it will take a certain amount of money to ship it and get it into Amazon ( plus the company takes 2% of all the profit on all items sold ) so let’s just say for example all of that costs an additional $5…The total expense is now $15.

Now let’s say they know that the product usually sells for around $40 so this would be the price they would be wanting to sell it for on Amazon.

This means that when they go ahead an buy this product with our funds from the springboard and proceed to do everything it takes to get it listed on Amazon ( yes they do everything for us) and the items all sell for $40 each, then each seat in that Springboard was bought for $10 and was paid out $25 for a 250% ROI.

Then the springboard would go a little something like this:

Buy in seat at this springboard = $10
# seats at this springboard = 100
ROI = 250%

Above is just an example to give you an idea of what I am talking about.
The number of Springboard and the ROI from each go up obviously as the memberships increase.

I am starting with the $150 Surge level and this would be the level I would advise others to start with as to me it is ideal for both those looking to recruit as well as the passive peeps as they will have double the number of Springboards plus a better ROI as well.
Of course start where you feel comfortable with so if the $50 level is all you can start with then do what is best for you.

For the passive folk, this just then become a matter of which springboards to take seats in, how many seats and what the ROI will be that will determine your earning potential.

The last variable is of course how long it takes for the products to sell and seeing that this is not some sort of investment HYIP, it cannot be said how long but just know these guys are experts in what they do so they obviously will pick the products that have already been proven to move quickly so that won’t change.

This is as difficult as it gets for the passive folk as the rest of the compensation has to do with those who recruit others so until / unless you decide to be more than passive, you need not worry to read any further about the comp plan.

As we get involved and learn more and experience how everything work, we will get a better idea but as of now, this concept is refreshing and really intriguing and appealing to the masses so it is expected to be a huge success.


If you have any interest of being more than a passive participant and you will be willing to really take this seriously and build it like a business and you take the time to understand the comp plan, I am telling you that it will blow your mind.

I don´t want to regurgitate the comp plan here but just to drive home a few key points please know that apart from some of the other ways to earn, the key ones are below


Here you earn 15% one time on the subscription fees of all your personally enrolled members

Infinii – DUAL TEAM ( BINARY )

Lot´s of features in this binary and I won’t address all here except to say that in most binaries you earn only when you recruit new members and they do the same so you constantly have to recruit new people to keep growing your binary.
The most impressive thing to me is that with Infinii ANY ACTION produces BV that goes towards your binary.
This means that if you recruit someone or they recruit someone you earn BV, if all of those people then go on to be passive and buy into Springboards you earn BV each time, if someone goes into the marketplace and purchases or decides to sell any of the affiliate products you earn BV and if, using the training provided, anyone eventually goes on to do drop shipping themselves using all of the great tools, training and resources in Infinii at the different package levels…yup, you earn BV.

This then means that you do not constantly need to recruit people for your binary to constantly grow because the BV is derived in so many different ways and this then afford people the opportunity to really work with and support their downlines as EVERYTHING generates BV for the binary.
The move BV you have the more you rank advance and that then opens up a whole lot of other earning opportunities.
Those that see the power here ought to be very excited right now.


Here you earn 5% of all the BV in the entire unilevel of all of your personally referred , infinite levels deep.
You are restricted somewhat depending on your rank but this is the exact reason to strive and work towards higher and higher ranks.


As you hit various ranks you earn a share in the global earnings of the company. This is cumulative so as you improve in rank you earn that ADDITIONAL percentage on top of the percentage from the previous rank…wow.


As you hit various ranks you will see from the diagram below ( see far right column ) that significant earnings can be had.
For example, when you hit DIRECTOR level, on top of all of the other streams of income the company pays you 10k over two months once you maintain that rank and if you hit this rank within 90 days then they give you an additional 10k.

As you move to the next rank the money is cumulative. This means that you earn all that is there on the director level PLUS what is there on the Senior Director level ( so you earn an additional 20K over two months on top of everything else once you maintain that rank ).

This goes on and on and one key feature about the binary as well is that you can see from the table below that they cap the requirement on the lesser leg after a while so maintaining and improving on rank becomes even easier.

There is of course more to the comp plan but those are the key features to me.

See the summary table below:

Infinii - Update


As you can imagine, with this 6 invitation rule this is going to make signup a length process so to try to make things run as smoothly as possible I need for all of you who have responded so far to respond to me again but this time provide the following details:

our Full name:

Your best email :

The username you would like to use in infinii ( and an alternative ):

The Subscription level you would like to start with:

Whether you plan to recruit others/already have people to bring in OR YOU WANT TO BE TOTALLY PASSIVE:

Whether you can make payment right away once we are ready ( payment is with Credit card )

Please provide the above right away.
For the passive people, again just say you want to be passive . You will not be at a disadvantage in any way, just I want to get the recruiters in first as it is more important to them so please understand and let´s all work together here as once I get started I plan to work with my entire team closely to really build this big.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you ASAP an be patient while we get through this invitation/registration process.

Mark Ben Sell
twcoach4wealth @

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