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Emgoldex is an online store for trading 999.9 investment gold bars manufactured by Emirates Gold DMCC. The size of the gold bars that can be traded range from 1 gram to 100 grams. Emgoldex was founded in 2010 by Gold and Silver Physical Metals, a German company engaged in the buying and selling of investment precious metals such as silver, gold, palladium and platinum. The German company trades in bars of size starting from 1000 grams and even provides for safekeeping of the bars in certified vaults in Germany, United Arab Emirates and Switzerland.


Emgoldex was established in Dubai, the city of gold, because it is the gold trade center in the Indian and Middle East region. On average, Dubai imports 300 tons of gold annually and the fastest growing gold trading center in the world. Investors from anywhere in the world can trade in investment gold through the World Wide Web. Emgoldex also guarantees redemption of gold at the most favorable prices from its customers.

Emgoldex – Advantages of Investing In Gold

For over 5000 years, gold is being traded all over the world and is a simple product that people all over the world can easily understand. Emgoldex realizes the fact that gold is something that will sell on its own.

Traditionally, gold is bought to hedge inflation and the risk of losses in the financial markets. However, investment in gold can also be considered as diversification of the investment portfolio. The demand for gold continues to rise as the precious metal has maintained its intrinsic value unlike the coins, paper currency or other assets. Moreover, it enables people to preserve and pass on their wealth to the next generation.

How Does Emgoldex Work

Emgoldex has created a simple, affordable and time-tested marketing strategy. A client who buys gold from this Internet store is provided with an opportunity to earn unlimited income in the longer term through payment for professional advertising of their selling products worldwide and online shop’s profit distribution (Goldex Program).

A client can start the business with Emgoldex in two ways: Preliminary Table and Main Gold Table.

Emgoldex – The Preliminary Table

The investment to be made or the fee to be paid to enter the Preliminary Table is EUR 150. Out of the initial investment, EUR 130 is earmarked for investment in gold and EUR 20 is the fee for the Internet service. It is not compulsory to execute the qualification criteria for an award. If the table is completed the reward will be EUR 1040. Emgoldex charges a commission of 7 percent (EUR 73) on the reward towards leader program and EUR 540 as the entrance fee for the Main Table. The net profit that a client who invests EUR 150 can earn is EUR 427 (EUR 1040 – EUR 73 – EUR 540).

Emgoldex – The Main Table

The entry fee for the Main Table is EUR 540. The client has to bring in two new referral gold buyers in order to qualify for a reward. The reward that the client gets for completing the First Main Table is EUR 3500. A fee of 7 percent is charged by Emgoldex to process the client’s orders, but there is no fee for entering the Second Main Table. Therefore, the net profit from the First Main Table is EUR 3500 – EUR 255 = EUR 3245.

The clients are eligible for a reward of EUR 3500 if they complete the Second Main Table. However, the clients have to pay the 7 percent processing fee and EUR 540 entrance fee for the Third Main Table. The net profit that the client gets for completing the Second Main Table is EUR 3500 – EUR 255 – EUR 540 = EUR 2705. This cycle continues providing the client with an opportunity to earn rewards of EUR 3500 over and over again for a small one-time investment of EUR 150.

Emgoldex – What Is The Risk Involved?

There is absolutely no risk involved!

  • After taking a position in the Preliminary Table, if the client fails to enroll two new buyers during the Preliminary Table and through the cycle of two Main Tables, then the tables will be closed and the client cannot continue. The client misses the opportunity to earn a profit of EUR 6377 in cash. However, the client does not incur any loss because he/she gets gold for EUR 427 from the Preliminary Table and gold for EUR 500 from the Main Table.
  • Clients can sell their investment gold back to Emgoldex. If the bars bought from the company remains with the client, then the price is determined on the basis of an examination and authenticity verification. On the other hand, if the bars are maintained in the company’s storehouse, then the bars will be purchased as per the online shop’s list price.

Emgoldex – Presentations

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Emgoldex – Marketing Presentations in Different Languages


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 EmGoldex - Presentation in English 18:34
 EmGoldex - Apresentação em Português 26:13
 EmGoldex - Presentación en Español 26:28  
 EmGoldex - Präsentation in Deutsch 14:15
 EmGoldex - Presentation in Italia 24:29
 EmGoldex - Presentation in France 16:22

Emgoldex – When Do You Get Paid?

Click HERE to Watch a Short Video About “How To Get Paid With Emgoldex”

Emgoldex – Summary

Summarizing, gold is the most convertible as well as reliable currency all over the world and is not subject to currency fluctuations. Millions of people are looking for invest methods other than real estate and stock markets. Emgoldex presents these investors with an opportunity to reap high profits.

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