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At its simplest, is an online platform that offers business owners a prime opportunity to market their businesses on a premium classified advertising platform. This is through marketing ads, creating powerful back links, social media shares and generally improving traffic flow to business’ websites.


AdZimple – Mission

To create a leading internet advertising platform for individuals and businesses seeking for increased exposure and online traffic.

AdZimple – Core services

  1. Availing a premium platform for displaying dynamic ads. Using interactive ads to help business owners to market their businesses or a raft of other retail businesses.
  2. Offer businesses a unique chance to get exposure to the expansive online audience. This entails driving more traffic to businesses websites and online pages.
  3. High quality yet lowly priced Ads. As such, each business or individuals have an equal opportunity of gaining exposure and enjoying increased traffic to their sites.
  4. Opportunities for affiliate marketers and Non-Profit partnerships to retail Adzimple low cost Ads that could eventually
    increase their ultimate earnings.

AdZimple – Why

  • User friendly Platform:
    Featuring full color ads on the platform attracts and retains online users leading to click through on business pages. This is also enhanced by the dynamic nature of featured ads.
  • Gain competitive edge:
    Adzimple help businesses make targeted marketing that places them in strategic position ideal for competing favorably with similar businesses.
  • Viral Marketing opportunities:
    There’s no denying that viral marketing offers businesses a great chance to invoke sharing of marketing messages effectively leading to exponential growth of traffic to their sites. For its size and expert marketing strategy, Adzimple platform avails to businesses such a chance to access large viwership effectively leading to viral marketing whilst saving on marketing costs.
  • Increased marketing content sharing:
    The platform has a large traffic base online. Businesses featuring on the platform have increased traffic to their websites. There’s increased sharing of marketing content thus effectively building the clients base.
  • AdZimple

  • Linking with leading social media sites:
    Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and instagram to mention a few present an ideal marketing platform for they’re robust, expansive and relatively easy to use. This advertising platform connects businesses to leading social media for better marketing.
  • Quality but cheap service:
    Lowly priced advertising services on platform helps businesses build marketing networks whilst saving on marketing costs.
  • Keeps business updated on trending issues:
    Advertising on this platform saves businesses the hassle of juggling between operating their businesses, marketing, research
    on current trends and more.

AdZimple – Conclusion offers a rare chance for individuals and businesses alike to market their brands without breaking the banks.

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